Vaporwar (∴QD5∴)

by Минерва Obsidian

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█░░▒░░░ ░░░░░░▒░░ Audio Portraiture ░░░▒░░░░ ░░░▒░░█

Initial audio/color outline for an episode/series

1. skelatools/retrofitting (pineal mod) ▔▋
2. Trading "arch" cards」 127 limited ed. (archival- sonic souvenir) [01:17]
3. lunar-keirin ghosts (subspace warp racing)→ [03:01]
4. Portrait "Xiao Go" (3 sirius rotations old) [04:52]
5. cryo -"echoes" (pulsing psygrains) [06:42]
6. Spell ☛ aWaken cryStal chiLdren ☝ [07:56]
7. ゑ Hallow walkers during bleach storms ゑ [09:42]
8. Building Qd5」 jungle green over-grown kid's "ployhaus" ▒░ [11:12]
9. cryo = "‡" [12:14]

Themes: kids, alleyways, zones, cryonics, high-rises, war, Inhabited Green Over-gown Post Apocalyptic Inner-CityScapes, Space, Future, Chessboard Floors in Shadowy Day-lit Forests/overgrowth, inner city, Alabaster Staircases leading into ground, Children's Dreams, Steam, Cyborgs, crystal technologies, Logos, Glimpse/Glimpsers, Racing, Magic, Winds, Short-term memory, wetware, nano-tech, ἀποκάλυψις, Dysgenics

Минерва Obsidian

▕▕ Tiffany Rogers (Voice) :
☞ " Trading "arch" cards」 127 limited ed. (archival- sonic souvenir) "


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This album was self-recorded, self-funded, and self-released.




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Marlo Reynolds Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Currently channeling time traveler: Minerva Obsidian , work is realized through sonic souvenir, audio portraiture and invented/reclaimed manuports/Artifacts from future fictions.
Episodic speculative-fiction soundtrack & installations Vaporwar are currently under revelation/process.
Themes include : language,memory, visibility, intersection, childhood, alchemy, myth, technology & space.
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